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Recently it has been looking as if RCE, LLC is going out of business. This is not true but there are some changes being made. I will be spending less time in the shop and more time out actually using what I make. I will not be doing custom or special work. Stock dies will be available.

One problem has been that there have been numerous times, some lengthy, when my web site was "down". This is because the site and coding for it are nearly obsolete which causes it to crash fairly often. The cure is to have a new site made but I've been reluctant to do that partly because of the cost but mainly because I really like the ease and simplicity of how I can manage the site. But clearly it is time for a new site and before long the new one will replace the existing one. Hopefully there will not be the problem with the site being down after that.

Presses, lead wire, core moulds, and other accessories are available as always. Die sets will be listed as available.

Richard and The Wife with some of our steers. The two large ones are called Rack and the other Ruin. Two little guys, one hidden from view, are Prime and Rib.

4090 Colver Road
Phoenix, OR 97535
(541) 512-0440

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