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“Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.” Gen. Douglas MacArthur borrowed the quote from a WW1 ballad and used it in his farewell address.

Today the quote might read “Old soldiers never die, they just become news consultants.”

But regardless of what Old Soldiers might do, old die makers need to move on. Which is why after forty years of making bullet swaging presses, dies, and tools I have decided to retire. I’ve managed to reach seventy years without any major damage to myself and would like to keep the remaining years that way. I’ve done about everything that I ever wanted to do in the bullet making field and a lot that I really didn’t want to do but did it anyway. Now I am going to close my shop, sort of, and spend more time out on my racing bicycle and even get back to doing some shooting. Lots of testing and experimenting I’ve been wanting to do but just no time for it until now. I do have ideas that I want to try and die sets that I want to make for myself, not to mention improvements to the Walnut Hill press that I haven’t had time to work on. I will be putting die sets on the online store, as well as presses, lead wire, core moulds, and other accessories.

I will not be accepting any custom work and no prepaid advance orders. If you see a die set you like in the online store, it will be available to purchase. If you don’t see a die set you want then it isn’t available at that time. Check the online store now and then as different die sets will be there off and on. Any orders that have been placed as of or before this date (09-23-17) will be completed and shipped as rapidly as I can. Orders for stocked items will usually ship within one week of the order being placed.

As noted no custom orders or advance orders will be accepted.

Richard and The Wife with some of our steers. The two large ones are called Rack and the other Ruin. Two little guys, one hidden from view, are Prime and Rib.

4090 Colver Road
Phoenix, OR 97535
(541) 512-0440

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