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Core cutters, core moulds, lube, parts
Lead wire and other lead products

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Accessory dies. Jacket resizer dies, jacket maker dies, bullet resizer dies.
Dies and die sets to make lead bullets and paper patched bullets. A semi-wadcutter (SWC) bullet can be made using a single Lead Bullet Die. Paper patched bullets are best made using a core swage and a point forming die set.
Dies for making metal jacketed rifle, pistol, and shotgun projectiles. Pick individual dies of the same caliber (diameter) to make a complete set. A basic set would have a core swage, core seat, and point form dies. Additional dies can be added as needed to make various types of bullets.
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Swaging presses, hand operated. Featuring the versatile Walnut Hill swaging and reloading press.
4090 Colver Road
Phoenix, OR 97535
(541) 512-0440

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