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See more Bullet Swaging supplies at our sister site, Bullet Maker Supply

The automatic calculator will provide an estimated shipping cost. When the order is received I will refigure the shipping cost and ship the least expensive way.

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Limited availability or close-outs
Core cutters, core moulds, lube, parts
Lead wire and other lead products

The computer will estimate shipping cost and will usually be too high. I will refigure the cost and will ship the cheapest way. Usually this will be by USPS Flat Rate. Shipping cost for one roll of wire will be around $14.80, two rolls would be about $19.90 to any U.S. mainland location.

Jacket resizer dies, jacket maker dies, bullet resizer dies.

In stock dies may not be available all of the time. This is a first come, first served listing.

For items not stocked use the menu button "prices" to open sub-menus of various dies.

Orders will be shipped the least costly way. Ignore the automatic shipping cost calculator on the check out page.

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Swaging presses, hand operated. Featuring the entry level Sea Girt, the versatile Walnut Hill, and the Rockcliffe 50 BMG reloading & swaging press.
4090 Colver Road
Phoenix, OR 97535
(541) 512-0440

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