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Dies and die sets to make lead bullets and paper patched bullets. A semi-wadcutter (SWC) bullet can be made using a single Lead Bullet Die. Paper patched bullets are best made using a core swage and a point forming die set.

Product ImageRCE, LLC.430 Lead Bullet Die
Walnut Hill die to make a 44 caliber lead flat base, Keith style bullet. Makes a finished lead bullet in one operation...

SKU: 44BD026
Manufacturer: RCE, LLC.™
Ship Time: In Stock


Product ImageRCE, LLC.45 Pistol Set
Walnut Hill die. Makes a .452" diameter semi-wadcutter lead bullet that has a flat base and a H&G 68 Short nose shape...

SKU: 45BD028
Manufacturer: RCE, LLC.™
Ship Time: In Stock


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