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Individual Walnut Hill dies. Select the die or dies needed to complete a bullet swage die set or add to an existing set. Most sets will have a core swage, core seat, and point form die but other dies can be added to the set as wanted.

Product ImageRCE, LLC.224 Core Swage
Walnut Hill core swage for 224 caliber. Can also be used for 243 and 257 caliber. This is normally the first die in a s..

SKU: 22ID005
Manufacturer: RCE, LLC.™
Ship Time: In Stock


Product ImageRCE, LLC.224 Core Seat
Core seat die for .224 diameter bullets. Seats the lead core in the bullet jacket. Comes with two seating punches for c..

SKU: 22ID007
Manufacturer: RCE, LLC.™
Ship Time: In Stock


RCE, LLC.224 Lead Tip Die
Walnut Hill lead tip reform die, 224 6S ogive. After the bullet is pointed up in the 6S point form die the soft point i..

SKU: 22ID009
Manufacturer: RCE, LLC.™
Ship Time: In Stock


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