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Jacketed Bullet Dies

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Metal jacketed or simply jacketed bullets can be for rifles, handguns, or even shotguns. But regardless of the firearm they are used in they are made in a similar manner. Dies to make jacketed shotgun projectiles are mainly different in size from dies that make rifle or handgun bullets.

The simplest bullet is a straight walled semi-wadcutter (SWC) design. The jacket will not extend over the ogive (nose) of the bullet so that a little lead is exposed to the gun barrel. Leading is not much of a problem if the exposed lead is kept to a minimum. Like all SWC bullets there will be a small step or shoulder where the bullets ogive and bearing meet. The SWC bullet is usually made using a core swage die and a core seat die. The core swage makes a uniform lead slug or core from a cut lead wire or a cast slug. The core is then seated in the core seat die and the bullet is finished. The base and nose are formed by two punches and the punches can be changed to make different types of bullets.

An open tip bullet can be made using three dies. A core swage, a core seat, and a point form die are used to make a bullet that usually has a flat base and has the jacket extend over the ogive of the bullet. Open tip bullets have a cavity in the bullet that is formed by leaving the core below the jacket mouth. Hollow point bullets are made by forming a cavity in the exposed lead in the jacket. The terms hollow point and open tip are often used interchangeably but they are different and different techniques/tools are used to make them.

Rebated boattail bullets (RBT) are made using four dies. Usually RBT bullets will have an open tip but they can be made with soft points as well. The RBT bullet is made using a core swage, boattail one core seat die (BT-1), a boattail two core seat die (BT-2), and the point form die.

Soft point bullets, lead tip bullets, are made using the three die set or the four die RBT set and the tip of the bullet is finished using the lead tip die. Soft point handgun bullets can often be made without the lead tip die but rifle bullets will almost always need the lead tip die.

Dual diameter bullets, bore rider bullets, are made by first making a normal bullet and then swaging it in the dual diameter die. This die reduces the diameter of the bearing of the bullet for the length desired so that the front of the bullet rests on top of the rifling while the back of the bullet engages the rifling. This is a very useful design for rifles that have short throats or to reduce the friction of the bullet in the barrel.

For more information about metal jacketed bullets go to “Richard’s Swaging Book™” and to the chapter on jacketed bullets.

Jacketed Bullet Dies Calibers from .172 to .50 BMG. Specify caliber & ogive when ordering. Sea Girt™, Walnut Hill™, What Cheer™, & MultiSwage II™ use Walnut Hill™ Dies. BenchMaster™ & HydraSwage™ use HydraSwage™ dies. Type H dies priced same as HydraSwage™.

Type of DieWalnut Hill™HydraSwage™
SWC Two Dies Set$312.00$374.00
Flat Base, Open Tip. Three Dies $542.00$697.00
Flat Base, Soft Point. Four Dies $772.00$884.00
RBT Open Tip. Four Dies $772.00$1,020.00
RBT Soft point. Five Dies $926.00$1,207.00
Tubing Jacket Maker$578.00$930.00

Individual Dies

Type of DieWalnut Hill™HydraSwage™
Core Swage$156.00$187.00
Core Seat$156.00$187.00
Point Form$230.00$323.00
Lead Tip Die$156.00$187.00
Dual Dia. Sizer$230.00$323.00
RBT Add-on Set$312.00$433.00

Replacement or Extra Punches

Type of PunchWalnut Hill™HydraSwage™
Internal Punch$40.00$50.00
Ejection Punch$30.00$40.00

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