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Many years ago while waiting for my dad to close the pharmacy I rummaged through old cabinets in the dusty, dark back room of the store. There in the dim light I found a long forgotten .22 WCF cartridge. The cartridge went home with me and awakened an interest in shooting, gunsmithing, and bullet making, that has never diminished.

I made my first gunstock while in high school and picked up spare change repairing guns. My college choice was Trinidad Junior College where I studied gunsmithing.

After Trinidad, I worked as a gunsmith at an eccentric little store until moving to the Oregon Coast. There my brother and I met the die maker, Ted Smith, and we started Corbin Mfg., Inc. For the next twenty-four years I designed and made the tools and dies we sold. Then, for a number of reasons, I left to start my own shop, RCE, LLC™.

Over the years I have been active in many competitive disciplines. I held an expert rating in NRA Bullseye pistol, and an expert card in NRA Small Bore Position and Prone competition. I helped start one of the first High Power Rifle Silhouette clubs and regularly took part in it. I was also active in NRA High Power Rifle competition, earning a master rating and the Distinguished Rifleman Badge.