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How to contact RCE, LLC

The phone number is: 541-512-0440. Business hours are 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Pacific Time, Monday through Thursday. RCE, LLC is closed on Fridays. Please feel free to call but Email is much better.

US Mail
Mail should be sent to: RCE, LLC, 4090 Colver Rd., Phoenix, Oregon, USA 97535. Please note Oregon, not Arizona.


When sending an email put your NAME on the email. I have no clue who is. All the orders are sorted by name, not a code word. I spend hours sometimes trying to match an email handle to a real name. It really delays things.

Use the Email Me web form to send messages or the address: . Drawings and photos can be sent by e-mail. click here to email RCE, LLC