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IMAGEPlease use this form to send charge card info if you are not using the shopping cart. This is a secure, encrypted page to protect your card. Once the info has been sent it will be manually moved to a secure computer that has no internet connection.

Be sure to email or phone, your order to RCE, LLC. This page only sends the card info.

Not in the USA? Use the form but put your street address, apartment number, province, & city in the street address box. Disregard the State box. Put your country in the city box. Your postal code, if any, will go in the Zip Code box. Or just use the card page to send the card data and email the card address & shipping address (if different) to me at: . Please remember to include your telephone number as it is needed for the customs forms.

Please be sure to include the three digit security code on the back of most cards. The order cannot be processed without that code number.